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Live in Niš| Apr 21-23, 2023

Niš is one of the oldest cities in the Balkans. Famous for its southern spirit, friendly citizens, superb entertainment and amazing food, Niš is also the place where several important roads intersect. As a strategically important meeting point of the East and the West, it has always been an unavoidable target for invaders. Surrounded by distinctive mountain ranges of Suva planina mountain, the mountain Seličevica and Svrljig mountains, has been an attractive spot for living since the dawn of civilization on the European soil.

During its long and rich history, Niš was conquered by Romans, Byzantines Bulgarians, Ottomans and more. It was the birthplace of Constantine the Great, who would be remembered as a statesman, a military leader and a visionary who, during his reign, left an indelible mark in the history of Europe and Christianity.

The archaeological site of Mediana (Constantine’s residence from the 4th-century) features recently renovated mosaics, sacral objects and other remains from the Roman period. Niš fortress, in the heart of the city, hides several architectural, epochal beauties, from the early Roman period until Otoman-era architecture. The ruesome yet fascinating sight, the Skull Tower tells the story of the struggle for the liberation of Niš in the early 19th century. It was built from the real skulls – the ones of Serbian soldiers – as a warning to all who tried to rebels against the Ottoman Empire.

Furtheremore is the city where the beginning of the First World War was declared. There are a lot of fight-for-freedom stories to be heard in Niš. The Red Cross Concentration Camp is one of the few preserved Nazi concentration camps from WWII. The central event in the history of the camp is the mass escape of the prisoners, which is remembered as the first large escape in the Nazi-occupied Europe.

For this reason, the history of Niš is more than history of a city or a nation. From prehistory until today, this city has been inwrought with the stories of many peoples, the stories about ups and downs of their rulers, stories about faith, love and heroes. The city of Niš is a unique experience in which everyone can find a part of themselves, either in wonderful, untouched nature of the delightful surroundings, magnificent traces of history or in a warm welcoming vibe of the southern spirit.

Niš is also a food capital in Serbia. Niš cuisine represents an unusual combination of Serbian traditional dishes and numerous influences primarily from the East. In Niš, every coffee drinking session is finished with rakia, and every lunch with great fun. “Meze” is an introduction into a slow enjoyment in many dishes that will follow one after another on a tavern table.

Today, Niš is a modern city, administrative and university centre in the South-east of Serbia. Niš is a city with 13 faculties. One of them is reputable, Faculty of Medicine of the University of Niš, and University clinical center Nis as the biggest medical center in South-east Serbia.


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