Највећи скуп анестезиолога и стручњака из области интензивне неге на Балкану одржаће се ове године од 12. до 14. априла у Нишу где се очекује чак 600 гостију.

The biggest symposium of anesthetists and experts in the field of intensive care in the Balkans will be held this year from April 12 to 14 in Niš, where 600 guests are expected. Najveći balkanski skup anesteziologa okupiće čak 600 učesnika u...


We are proud to inform you that the 9th Annual Spring Scientific Symposium in Anesthesiology and Intensive care, has been accredited as the International Congress, with a maximum of 15 CME credits for lecturers and 10 CME credits for participans, by the Health Council...
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